How the Spirit of God is Working for Us

by Dave DuBois on June 01, 2023

The story of Jesus is so interesting to us, but it happened hundreds of years ago and thousands of miles away from us. How does that affect us today? The Spirit of God never rests. He’s always there for us, any time of the day.

Since the Garden of Eden, the Holy Spirit has been at work in our world, easily moving through space and time. The Spirit’s main purpose is to make Jesus present, active, and known to us. He does this in a way that we can appreciate and understand. The Spirit speaks.

God’s voice is a powerful thing. He has been speaking since the beginning of all things, creating the world, shaping history, bringing blessings, saving His people, inspiring, and promising never-ending good for us.

Like his Father’s words, the Son’s words also do what they say. When Jesus told the blind to see, he saw. When Jesus told the demons to flee, they fled. When Jesus told the stormy sea to be still, it went calm. When Jesus told Lazarus to rise from the dead, he rose. Jesus speaks one miracle after another.

When the Holy Spirit speaks, things get done. When He puts words into the mouth of a prophet, the prophet’s words come true. When He speaks love into the ears of His children, they believe what He says, and faith is born. The Spirit is the energy in divine words, the power in the preaching, and the miracle in the mysterious Means of Grace.

Scripture names the Holy Spirit as our Advocate and our Counselor, the one who calls, gathers, motivates, and sanctifies us in true faith.

On our own, we stand ruined before God. We deserve to be scorned and separated like Adam and Eve. But the Holy Spirit speaks to the Father on our behalf for us to have our sins forgiven.

It’s a miracle, really—the miracle of salvation. When the Father looks at us, He sees Christ living in us. When He listens to us, He hears the Spirit speaking for us, sometimes “with groanings too deep for words” (Romans 8:26).

So next time you think of God, know that He is working for us, not against us.

May God bless you.

Pastor Dave

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