January Call Process Update

by Joe Angell on December 30, 2021

Dear members of Immanuel Lutheran Church,

Our Board of Elders appointed the following members to the call committee: 

  • Joe Angell 
  • Ryan Bowen
  • Jeremy Bul 
  • Jodi Kriesch 
  • Gretchen Cosner 
  • Lauren Mehlberg
  • Michael Schwark 
  • Jan DuBois
  • Mark Van Kehrberg
  • David Gillis 
  • Linda Boldyreff 
  • Pastor Gerhardt Doroh 

All have agreed to serve.  We had our first meeting on December 12, 2021, with Pastor Gerhardt Doroh, our circuit visitor.

The Call Committee has guidelines and defined steps to be followed under the direction of Pastor Gerhardt Doroh. We are waiting for the synod to compile all of the information they gleaned from the Congregational survey and online surveys into a pastoral profile. Once the council approves this profile then the Synod will use this to match the candidate pastors' ministry skills to the needs of our congregation and will also aid the candidate pastors in deciding if they are interested in serving this congregating. 

This call list will be sent to the call committee. We, as a group, will study all of the information about the candidates and form a shortlist of candidates for the voter’s information.   

This information on all of the potential candidates will be in a binder in the office for the congregation to review. This information cannot be copied in any way or leave the church. 

I will keep the congregation updated as things progress. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any member of the call committee.

  • Please continue to pray unceasingly throughout this process.
  • Please pray for the call committee.
  • Please pray for Pastor Dave DuBois and his family

Thank you. 

Peace and Blessings 

Joe Angell

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