Early Childhood Center

God has created children to be special and unique in their own way.

Early Childhood Center

We strive to bring Christ into the lives of both the children and their families.

Early Childhood Center

A place for young children to learn, grow, be loved and cared for, and have fun

Immanuel Lutheran Early Childhood Center

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Helping children learn and grow from ages 2-6.

Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran Early Childhood Center, a place for young children to learn, grow, be loved and cared for, and have fun. We want parents to feel safe and secure in leaving their children in our care. We strive to bring Christ into the lives of both the children and their families. Children who come to Immanuel Lutheran Early Childhood Center leave with a love of learning, prepared for their next educational experience, and knowing they are loved by their Savior Jesus Christ.

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We believe that:
  • God has created children to be special and unique in their own way.
  • Growing children follow a basic sequence of development and mature at different rates.  Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable about child development and meets children at their own developmental level.  
  • All children deserve respect and nurturing as they grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  We believe behavior is learned by example and positive reinforcement.  Mistakes happen; we learn from them and forgive just like Jesus does.

"Making Mistakes is part of life, and a really BIG part of growing up. It's how you learn who you want to be."

Preschool Programs follow a typical school calendar; Sept-May.
Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a mix of Creative Curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, and our staff’s many years of teaching experience.  Our lessons and daily schedule consist of a combination of teacher-led and student-led activities.

We teach character, social, and emotional development that is age-appropriate and Biblically based.  We encourage and help children develop the independence that they need to be successful in Kindergarten.

Jesus time (Bible stories) is included daily in all programs.  Jesus time is taught in Biblical order, Old Testament, and then New Testament.  Special lessons and activities occur around Christmas (Jesus’ birth) and Easter (Jesus’ death and Resurrection).

  • Tues & Thurs 9-11:30 am
  • Children should be three by Sept. 1
  • Our 3-year-old classes focus first and foremost on the child becoming comfortable leaving the primary caregiver.  The children learn the rules and routines of school, social skills, language development, and fine and gross motor skills.  Cognitive content in the 3-year-old class focuses on learning colors and shapes, counting, and touches on letter and number identification.  The class schedule includes gross motor time in our full-size gym or our fenced-in playground, center (playtime), and short group instruction, appropriate for 3-year-olds.
  • Mon, Wed, & Fri 9-11:30am
  • Children should be four by Sept. 1
  • 4-year-old Preschool continues to focus on building independence and social skills, emphasizing fine motor skills and letter and number identification.  Children are taught letter and number formation and recognition using Handwriting Without Tears.  We love this program because it starts with the letters that are easiest to form first; they are the letters that consist of just straight lines.  The schedule for this class consists of group time, centers (playtime), gross motor time, and Jesus time.
  • M-F 12:30-3 pm (MWF 3 days per week also available)
  • Children should be four by Sept. 1
  • M-F 8:30-11:30am
  • Children should be five by Dec. 1
  • The PreK class builds on all of the skills taught in the 3s and 4s.  With 5 days per week, the children better understand the proper letter and number formation using Handwriting Without Tears.  Fine motor skills are strengthened using fine motor journals and centers focusing on pinching, grabbing, rolling, and cutting.  Children get more in-depth math instruction during group time and centers.  Math topics include number printing and identification, patterns, shapes, counting, and simple addition.  Fun Friday is our STEM day; the children participate in science experiments and exciting building projects.  As with all of our programs, the children get Jesus time and gym or recess time each day.
  • Our day is similar to Preschool classes.  They have a regular rhythm and reinforce what many are learning in Preschool. Please call (810-329-7174) or email to check availability or to schedule a visit.
  • M-F 6:30am-6pm
  • Rates (call for rates & availability: 810-329-7174)
  • Ages 2-6
  • School-age summer program available

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