Take 5 Devotionals

Every Christian needs a daily break from life in order to spend a few minutes of focused, uninterrupted time with God. Every week, Pastor Jim will provide “Take 5” devotions which are based on Sunday’s Sermon. They are intended to provide us with a “5-minute” devotion time for every day of the week after each Sunday. The “Take 5’s” may also be used as a guide for our Discipleship groups.

The “Take 5’s” provide a Bible reading along with 3 thought-provoking questions about the reading and our faith-life. Please consider making “Take 5” a daily habit.

You can either pick up a “Take 5” from the table outside of Pastor Jim’s office on your way out of church on Sunday, follow the new blog at immanuelsc.org, or catch it on Immanuel’s Facebook page

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