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Never Stop Praying

Posted by David DuBois on May 26, 2022
Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).
People have said, “How can I keep on praying without ceasing when my life is so hectic and I have so many commitments?” I have found that it is possible, because we don’t leave God behind, and he doesn’t leave us. Just as we have an ongoing stream of thoughts moving through our minds while we work, we can have an ongoing dialogue with God and continue to enjoy his presence.
Just as we wouldn’t want a loved one to speak to us only once a day or only on holidays, the Lord doesn’t want us merely to check in before going to work and then not communicate with him again until the next day (or next Sunday or Easter). We can weave prayer into every part of our lives.
Our computers, iPads, and iPhones can become a prayer haven as well. The dining table can become a family altar as we thank God together and pray about the challenges each person faces at work or at school. Our kitchens can be holy ground as we bless the food and those for whom we’re preparing it. During our drive to work, we can make space for God and request his guidance in our day. When we drive by our children’s school (or any school, even if we don’t have children there), we can stand in the gap for teachers and students.
Right where we are is a good place to pray, pour out our disappointments and hurts express thankfulness and praise, and listen to what God has to say to us. As we put our energy into these brief moments with God, we will find that living in an attitude of continual prayer brings countless blessings. 
Lord, help me to “practice your presence” and to set my heart always on you throughout my day. Let all the environment around me be aware of you as I journey through each day.
We need not constantly be planning how to pray, but we may enjoy the Lord like the psalmist who said that he keeps the Lord always before him (Psalm 16:8). We may leave the room where we pray, but we do not have to leave the inner sanctuary deep inside our being.
Blessings with your ongoing prayer time,
Pastor Dave

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