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Revere God's Name

Posted by David DuBois on June 22, 2022

God. For some reason, we tend to always read that word as a name. Have you ever noticed that? It may be because it’s capitalized, or because often we’re reading it from the Bible. For some reason though, when we verbalize or say this name through our speech, it lacks that same respect or reverence as when we read it. We’ve turned this name into a multitude of things other than what it truly is. For some, it’s a saying when we get frustrated or something we throw around when we’re gossiping about someone (OMG). The point is to understand and appreciate the magnitude of this name. It’s a Name above all names. Great. None like it. The one true God. 

We all have stories of grade school when we had 3 Susans in our class or 4 Tommys. This isn’t how it is with God. He is the only one. Unmatched in all of His glory, might, love, and wisdom. My prayer for you in 2022 is that you would start to revere this Name above all names. That your life would reflect its glory. His glory. 

Matthew 6:9-  Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name.

Prayer: Father, help me to understand the magnitude of Your Name. There is a holiness, a comfort, a reverence that it carries with it. In Your Name there is power. Help me to understand the power I have through your Spirit simply at the mention of Your Name. Give me the discipline to not misuse it. Amen.

Pastor Dave

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