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When All Else Fails, Read the Directions

Posted by David DuBois on April 07, 2022
Who hasn’t had this thought before birthdays or Christmas Eve? When all else fails, read the directions!
There have been many times I have assembled one of my child’s toys only to leave a part off because I didn’t read the directions. And then, I had to proceed to disassemble all the pieces and start over from scratch.
It was bad enough when figuring things out mainly involved nuts and bolts and a couple of simple tools. Now we have endless levels of digital commands to figure out when it comes to electronic gadgets. It seems the more complicated things get, the more determined we become to figure them out by ourselves.
And that holds true for our spiritual lives as well. The more difficult our circumstances, the more determined we are to figure things out on our own without having to call upon God.
We fail to realize that such times are part of our training, that God allows us to get to the end of our ability so that we will learn to call upon Him. That was certainly part of the original disciples’ training—like the time they fished all night with no “catch” until they listened to Jesus’ advice and saw their boat filled with fish.
"so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God." (1 Corinthians 2:5).
If you are nearing the end of your rope, maybe it’s time to call on the Lord. There is a great victory in realizing the limits of your ability—and the limitlessness of His.
Someone once said is, “One of the best ways to get back on your feet is to first get on your knees.”
Pastor Dave

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